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Grenadian Native Alyssa Bierzynski Releases Her Book “Good Boy Milo”

22 Aug

Grenadian Native Alyssa Bierzynski Releases Her Book “Good Boy Milo” 

It was just announced that Grenadian native Alyssa Bierzynski released her book “Good Boy Milo”. Readers are saying it is the perfect addition to their child’s bookshelf. 

Good Boy Milo is a book about Milo, the dog who goes on an adventure to rescue a kite that got stuck in his favorite mango tree. 

Not only is this a heartwarming story, but it is also beautifully illustrated by Grenadian artist Elizabeth Lander. 

Writers Review 

“I am so excited to share ‘Good Boy Milo’ with children and families everywhere,” said author Alyssa Bierzynski, “The story of Milo and the kite is one that I hope will inspire children to be brave, curious, and kind. 

My own love for books at an early age inspired my journey of writing stories for children. I want to inspire children to use their imaginations while opening their minds to new worlds and concepts they may not have been exposed to previously.  

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the talented Grenadian artist Elizabeth Lander to bring this story to life. Sharing the rich culture and traditions of the Caribbean with the world is a dream come true.”  

Illustrators Review 

Illustrator Elizabeth Lander added, “Working on ‘Good Boy Milo’ has been an absolute joy. I was thrilled to collaborate with Alyssa on this project and to have the opportunity to illustrate such a beautiful story and showcase aspects of the Caribbean landscape that I hope will resonate with the readers. My wish is that children and adults alike will enjoy reading about Milo’s adventure as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life through art.” 

Getting Your Good Boy Milo Book 

You can get your copy of “Good Boy Milo” by purchasing it online or in local stores throughout Grenada, Petite Martinique, and Carriacou. 

Teachers, parents, and librarians, we recommend you add “Good Boy Milo” to your bookshelves. This heartfelt story will inspire you and the children you read this book to as they experience the Caribbean through it. 


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