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Guyana Plans to Train 1,000 Registered Nurses a Year

11 May

Guyana Plans to Train 1,000 Registered Nurses a Year

Within the next month, the Ministry of Health in Guyana will be starting a registered nurse’s program with the goal of training 1,000 people annually. In the past, spaces have not been available, but that is changing now as Guyana plans to train 1,000 registered nurses a year. And that is good news for the current state of healthcare in Guyana. 

Dr. Frank's Announcement to Guyana 

“In about a month’s time, we are going to open up to the public and to persons who are qualified…We are opening a call for persons who are interested in doing the registered nursing program. We want to start a program with 1,000 persons this year,” Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony announced at the beginning of April. 

This announcement was made while Doctor Anthony was delivering an address at the commissioning of a comprehensive diabetes center located on East Coast Demerara. 

Healthcare in Guyana 

As for the state of the healthcare industry in Guyana, today, medical facilities are limited. But since 1990, the effort to provide effective and essential healthcare services has risen more than 20%, standing at 40.6 as of 2019, with thousands of new registered nurses and new hospitals. Guyana is hopeful for this number to continue to rise for their country. 

You see, training for registered nurses has always been available, but space has been limited. This year 1,000 spaces will become available. Once those who start training successfully complete the program, they will be guaranteed a job with the Ministry of Health. 

“I can assure you that everyone who is interested in doing this now, we will have a space for you on this program.” 

Here are a few key points: 

  • If a student is interested in this program, they are required to have a minimum of five CSEC subjects in English and Math. 
  • Over the next three years, the target is to train 3000 people in nursing. 
  • At the moment, seven new regional hospitals are being constructed. 
  • Facilities currently in existence are being updated. 

Confidence in Future Healthcare in Guyana 

For Guyana's locals, the island's officials hope to continue the effort to provide training and beneficial healthcare for all.  And as for their valued travelers, they desire to grow continued confidence in Guyana for your travels. With new facilities being built and more registered nurses being trained, all will benefit from the added staffing and facilities. 


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