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Help From the U.S. to Halt Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago

12 Nov

Help From the U.S. to Halt Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago

Human trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago has to end, and the United States has decided to lend a hand. In fact, the U.S. and USAID are offering up to one million dollars to help stop the trafficking in persons from Trinidad and Tobago. This donation will aid the government in fighting the traffickers and assist victims. 

The Fight Against Human Trafficking 

An essential tool in the fight against this practice is data collection and reporting. Devices can be utilized to assess the data collected and make these known throughout the government. Stopping the perpetrators is the primary goal. And then we still must consider the victims. 

The Human Trafficking Victims 

These foul traffickers lure women and girls from Columbia, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela with offers of a better life. They falsely promise employment through social media. Then the girls are sent to brothels and clubs. Sadly, the victims' ages are only 15 to 21. In addition to the Caribbean natives, migrants entering Trinidad and Tobago from Africa, China, and other Caribbean countries are vulnerable and those from the LGBTI communities. All these individuals will require recovery services such as counseling, therapy, skills training, and more. 

Efforts to Eliminate Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago 

Currently, Trinidad and Tobago do not have the resources to end the war on human trafficking. And that is precisely why the U.S. and other donators are helping. Once the victimology is identified, traffickers are investigated, and officials are trained and educated on the matter, there is yet more to do. The following efforts will be addressed as a part of the process. 

  • Prosecution 
  • Protection 
  • Prevention 

"USAID's assistance will be tailored to meet the priorities of the Keith Rowley administration's TIP national action plan and the key recommendations from the U.S. government's 2021 Trafficking in Persons Report." -CaribbeanToday. 

USAID, TIP, the government of Trinidad and Tobago, and the U.S. stand ready to wage war on the despicable practice of human trafficking in the islands. Through various resources, technical assistance, and education, they build awareness and a plan of action. 


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