Jamaica : Going more “Green” than you would think.

11 Jun
Khyesha Brooks

Did you hear that Jamaica is going green and not in the way you may be thinking? The Island’s goal is to be 30% renewable energy by 2030.
“Islands like Jamaica are becoming leaders for demonstrating the deployment of solar technology, and I aim to lead by example, by installing solar PV on the Office of the Prime Minister, Jamaica House”, says Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Source: Geezam.com


The Office of the Prime Minister is in Kingston. This office is called the Jamaica House. This house was built in 1962 when Jamaica gained their independence.

The Jamaica House is just the start. The Solar Head of State is partnering with local solar installers, major climate NGO’s, and foundations around the world to bring renewable energy to government buildings and to the residents of head of states.

According to Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr. Andrew Wheatley: “What better way to start than with the Solarization of Jamaica House? This renewable energy revolution is not only essential but exciting and we want all of Jamaica to share in this vision and excitement.”

Trina Solar is who is to thank for donating the solar panels to the Jamaica House, including a 15KW Grid connected Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. This will ultimately save Jamaica’s government thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Also, companies like Solar Islands Energy, National Energy Solutions Limited, and Envisage Energy are to thank not only for their efforts in Jamaica but the entire globe.

Source: Neoen – The Paradise Park solar project in Jamaica.

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Credit: Caribjournal.com PV-magazine