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Jamaican Tourism Industry

07 Jul

Jamaican Tourism Industry 

Here is the good news. Jamaica's cruise industry has been on the rise since 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Tourism Minister Honorable Edmund Bartlett. 

During a meeting in Ocho Rios, it was discussed that Jamaica would continue to see increased cruise passengers arriving for the foreseeable future. In 2022 855,000 people visited. Another impressive number that was discussed was that 1.4 million people are expected to arrive during the current fiscal year. And that is great news for the Caribbean. 

Jamaican Tourism Industry Job Opportunities 

Due to the rise in Jamaica’s tourism, opportunities for the locals to have a job have opened wide up. 10,000 Jamaicans are expected to work on the ships overseas in the next coming years. 

Since speaking with the Minister, cruise lines continue to show their faith in Jamaica by keeping them first on their list for travelers. Therefore, activity is expected to rise in the coming months. 

“While the numbers have not yet returned to our expectations, we have been capturing our fair share of the market.” “We welcomed the largest cruise ship in the world [the Wonder of the Seas] last December, and yes… its owners… Royal Caribbean… have committed to sending us more of their Oasis-class vessels,” he said. 

Tourism on The Rise for Jamaica 

“The expansion of cruise tourism in Jamaica represents a significant opportunity to drive the resurgence of the tourism industry, create job opportunities, and contribute to our country’s economic growth.” Bartlett stated, “We remain committed to providing world-class experiences to all of our visitors and ensuring that Jamaica remains a top tourist destination.” 

Jamaica looks forward to all their new and returning guests on the island. The locals love to welcome guests as they soak up the culture of Jamaica with our food, festivals, and traditions. Along with the fantastic cruise excursions, visitors are also encouraged to explore the island and live like a Jamaican for the day. 


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