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Liftoff for a New Dynamic Dominica

13 Jul

Photo: Courtesy of Prostock-studio 

Liftoff for a New Dynamic Dominica 

Coming up on its 51st anniversary, making it the longest-standing proposal in the Caribbean region, Dominica's international airport plan is now a reality (  

On June 9, 2021, the government of Dominica signed an agreement with the UAE-based firm Montreal Management Consultants Est. (MMCE) to officially break ground on the highly-anticipated international airport ( With an estimated cost of one billion Eastern Caribbean dollars, the project will be funded entirely by Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program (   

According to MMCE Chief Executive Officer Dr. Anthony Haiden, "the most sophisticated methods developed in the construction industry" will be used to build the "best airport in the region" (  

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit shared his excitement over the project at the contract signing ceremony. He said that the airport will observe a set of "resilient construction standards" and be equipped with air bridges ( It will also be fully outfitted to receive international passengers and cargo (  

The international airport will see a five-year construction timeline in five phases, and by 2025, Dominica is expected to welcome inbound international flights from Europe and the United States (  

However, the new airport will do far more than just open up Dominica to international travel. Once the airport is complete, hundreds of Dominicans will be given permanent jobs ( According to Skerrit, "It will open up opportunities for a range of providers of goods and services, from caterers to fuel providers, and from maintenance to spa services" (  

Additionally, the signing of the new project encourages other sectors, such as transport and tourism, to generate more jobs in their respective fields, creating a thriving economy in the 43-year-old Caribbean republic ( 

As Skerrit puts it, the new airport will be "Dominica's door to the world, and the world's gateway to a dynamic Dominica" ( 



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