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Mental Exhaustion in the Caribbean

18 Mar


Mental Exhaustion in the Caribbean 

5 Ways You Can Help Improve Mental Exhaustion 

It seems mental exhaustion and depression go hand in hand today. The Caribbean nations have taken a beating with a global pandemic, the decline in tourism due to quarantines, hurricanes, civil unrest, and worldwide threat. In fact, the entire planet seems to be taking a beating these past couple of years. That is why maintaining your mental health during these times of panic is imperative to your overall health. 

Noticing the problem, Dr. Robert Bright of the Mayo Clinic had this to say: 

"It's really this collision of these two major forces. It's like living in two scary movies at the same time," says Dr. Bright. "And people are having a lot of very significant, very real and very normal emotional reactions to all this happening. A lot of people are getting depressed and just feeling like they're just being beaten down over and over. And it just keeps coming at them from every angle." 

Now, take all the world is going through and add the concerns specific to the Caribbean islands.  

What are we to do as the Island Nations of the Caribbean?  

Let's help one another focus on mental health in the coming year. 

1 | First, recognize the signs of mental exhaustion. 

  • Trouble with concentration 
  • General lack of energy 
  • Little to no motivation 
  • A sense of hopelessness 
  • Trouble sleeping at night 
  • Stress eating or not eating at all 
  • Withdrawal from normal activities 
  • Withdrawing from others 

2 | Sleep, exercise, and nutrition are essential. 

Ensure you and your loved ones get the correct amounts of all three. The more you get out, move, socialize, and eat healthy meals, the better you will begin to feel. 

3 | Write it out, then focus on the positive. 

When you journal your feelings, you can leave them on paper. Write out how you feel and all the emotions you are going through. Then shut the journal and try to think of what you have to be grateful for. Positive thinking goes a long way to helping balance the chemicals in your brain. 

4 | Check in on others. 

Take care of one another. It takes a village to raise children and an entire island to get through global issues and unrest. If you have not seen or heard from a neighbor or friend in a while, be sure to check on them. 

5 | Reach out for help. 

If you feel like your depression is negatively impacting your life, it is a good idea to reach out for help. There is no shame in asking for assistance, especially in today's climate. 


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