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Montserrat Has Joined In on the Work Stamp Program

26 Feb

Montserrat Has Joined In on the Work Stamp Program

On Friday, January 29, 2021, Monserrat joined in the concept of a work stamp program for visitors to the area who want to escape, work, and explore called the Montserrat Work Remote Stamp. Free of COVID-19 since July of 2020, this opening is a big deal for Montserrat's businesses and people.

As noted by Deputy Premier Dr. The Honorable Samuel Joseph, and as reported in

"The global pandemic has changed how we live and work, and as multinationals and leading startups across the world accelerate their rates of digital adoption, the need to be physically present to fulfill professional responsibilities has been redefined."

12-Month Remote Worker Programme

This program will offer an opportunity for anyone wishing to explore the Caribbean and Montserrat for an extended period and work remotely from another country. Montserrat's Government has worked diligently to provide straightforward and easy to follow remote worker eligibility criteria and applications.

The steps for eligibility for the Montserrat Remote Work Stamp are contained in the following list.

1. You must prove you can work independently of your work base location using technology.

2. Apply and pay the appropriate non-refundable Application Fees:

  • Single Worker: US$500 (EC$1, 350)Couples: US$500 (EC$1, 350) each
  • Families with max 3 dependents: US$750 (EC$2.025)

3. Prove they fit in one of the following three categories:

  • Contract with an employer from another country.
  • Partner/shareholder and conduct business for a company in a foreign country.
  • Freelance or consultancy services for contracted clients living in foreign countries.

4. Finally, the threshold for income is US$70,000 (EC$189,000).

So, if you dream of working in a tropical paradise and meet these current criteria, this is your opportunity. We wish you luck!

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