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Moving Residents for the New International Airport in Dominica

06 Jan

Moving Residents for the New International Airport in Dominica

Dominica’s government has announced that residents affected by the massive one-billion-dollar construction of Dominica’s international airport have started settling into their new homes. And that is great news for these fine folks living in Dominica. 

Homes for Relocated Residents 

Joe Butron’s housing development has made 37 stand-alone homes for the families that have been affected. That said, Prime Minister Skerrit indicated the project most likely won’t be complete until the end of 2026. But in the meantime, the residents have a safer house, a school reopened, and a new state-of-the-art two-story hospital and medical center. 

These homes will be the first climate-resilient homes for the residents of Dominica. Additionally, the houses are expected to withstand any climate impact. Safety and stability were the main focus of the project, especially after Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. The country has also started building roads, bridges, hospitals, and healthcare centers. 

More From the Development Company 

MMC Development oversees the project and is a long-standing partner with the government of Dominica. Their motivation is to provide Dominica with climate-resistant houses and projects throughout the island. But that is not all they are working on. MMC Development is building medical and educational facilities to benefit the locals. 

And there is more good news, but this time it is for Wills Strathmore Steven Primary School in Marigot. Dominica’s government announced that one of the schools that Hurricane Maria heavily damaged was reopened in May of 2022 following the restoration costing over 2 million dollars. 

A huge thank you goes out to the government of Canada for funding the school rebuilding project. They were able to upgrade the library, auditorium, computer lab, cafeteria, washroom, and kitchen, along with the counseling and guidance rooms. 

A resident of Dominica can also look forward to the updated two-floor Marigot hospital, which has a 75-bed capacity and modern facilities equipped with essential services. New services include an Intensive care unit (ICU), Laboratory and radiology, a trauma facility, maternity, and pediatric care. 

Not only has this development provided housing for residents affected but have also created jobs for over 200 people during the busiest time of construction, as Dominicans provided all services. 



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