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New All-Inclusive Resort in BVI

16 Jun

New All-Inclusive Resort in BVI

Until now, there has never been a new all-inclusive resort in the British Virgin Islands. Travelers can now book single and double-occupancy rooms at the Aerial- an all-inclusive resort located on Buck Island. There are a few spins on what this island has to offer. What are you waiting for? Let's take a dive into the new all-inclusive resort in BVI. 

Welcome to the All-Inclusive Resort- The Aerial 

In 2021 Aerial was opened with their mission to focus on luxury wellness redefined under one roof and umbrellas. And as they have gained popularity, it is essential to check availability before booking your stay. 

The property has been designed as a bespoke island resort, delivering a new, never-before-seen kind of luxury, or what they call- "Purpose Luxury." 

Deep Wellness Stay: During a Deep Wellness Day, vacationers will align the parts of life that seem off. The lucky participants will become a living force for good while healing and elevating themselves into a better state of mind. 

Book The Entire Island: This feature is like no other. Have you ever had an entire island to yourself? If not, you can start by booking the whole island of The Aerial. What a great way to treat a family to a holiday. 

Day Use Booking: If you are interested in an exclusive stay like one you've never had before, you can find that here at Aerial's all-inclusive resort. The resort accommodates up to 26 guests with access to fantastic amenities. 

Highlighted Amenities at the New All-Inclusive Resort in BVI 

Wellness: While spending your time on the island, you will receive the best healing food, spend time connecting to your inner self, partake in guided meditation and writing, and explore your creative side with art and cooking classes. 

Land + Sea: The land and sea amenities are excellent, starting with 43 acres of land to explore on foot via hiking trails, yoga, beach workouts, and various beach games.  

Suppose you'd rather spend your time in the water. In that case, you can do so by sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, sea bobbing, taking water sports lessons, or adventuring off on a clear bottom kayak. 

However you want to spend your vacation time, you are welcome at the new all-inclusive resort in BVI- the Aerial. 


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