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New Cruise Ship to the Shores of St. Kitts-- "EVIRMA"

03 Feb

New Cruise Ship to the Shores of St. Kitts-- "EVIRMA"

On Saturday, November 26th, 2022, St. Kitts and Nevis welcomed their newest cruise ship, "Evrima," to the island, making it now number six in the luxury fleet. St. Kitts is able to bring in cruise ships of this capacity due to its intense focus on providing an appealing destination to all tourists. 

Evrima is the first Ritz-Carlton yacht to be added to the new collection line. Likewise, it's the first yacht that resembles The Ritz-Carlton properties while featuring the most recent and finest designs from the top yachts around the world. Evrima can accommodate up to 298 guests and boast some of the most luxurious amenities with special guests on board. 

Marsha T. Henderson expressed her gratitude to the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection for picking St. Kitts to be a part of the cruise ship's itinerary. "Luxury cruise lines choosing to venture to St Kitts indicates that the destination is undoubtedly special, offering unique and exploratory experiences." 

On board the luxurious vessel, you can experience the following: 

  • Saunas 
  • Laundry Service 
  • Smoke Room with Cuban Cigars 
  • Gym 
  • Couples massage 

In his statement, Minister Henderson had this to say; "The Caribbean region tends to distinguish itself from other global cruise destinations, making it pivotal that St Kitts positions itself to grasp the attention of cruise lines and its passengers, respectively." 

Passengers are able to shop freely at ports of call, like St. Kitts port; Port Zante, and enjoy local crafts, diverse food, and drinks along with collecting souvenirs. 

Before guests get back on board, they are invited to experience their choice of tours and scenery the popular island has to offer. 

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress and National Park  
  • Vibes Beach Bar 
  • Carambola Beach Club  
  • Caribelle Batik  
  • Fairview Great House  
  • Port Zante 
  • Reggae Beach  
  • Spice Mill  
  • St Kitts Scenic Railway  
  • Caribelle Batik  
  • Palms Court Garden 

Clearly, St. Kitts is exceptionally proud to welcome cruise ships of all sizes. In fact, the entire Caribbean is thrilled to celebrate the return of cruise activities on the islands. So far, St. Kitts has had over 10,460 cruise passengers visit the island. They hope to see you next! 



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