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New Mural Unveiled in Kingston

21 Apr

New Mural Unveiled in Kingston 

In efforts to raise Kingston to the status of Creative Capital of the Caribbean, a new mural has been unveiled. Kingston Creatives and Jamaica’s finest artists have come together to add vibrant art and murals all around the capital city. 

With vibrant colors and rich artistic expression, this particular mural’s focus is on the environment. Located on South Camp Road, the clear message is, “No Dumping.” According to lead artist Charl Baker, “As an artist, a big part of my personal mantra has been ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ I have always been cognizant of trying to reduce my carbon footprint.” Baker goes on to say, “Each one of us can play our part to make a difference in the way we treat our environment and show we care by being the change we want to see.” And that is precisely what he and the other artists have achieved in this stunning work of art. 

Joining Baker on this artistic endeavor were artists such as Fabian White and his two sons, Ricky and Richie White. As a part of the initiative “Paint the City,” this project was championed by Kingston Creative and sponsored by the GraceKennedy Foundation, ICD Holdings, the MultiCare Foundation, and Sherwin Williams Limited. 

About the GraceKennedy Group 

Incorporating “Honesty, Integrity, and Trust” in all they do, this foundation makes the following statement of commitment. “GraceKennedy is committed to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility through the work of our GraceKennedy and Grace & Staff Community Development Foundations.” The community of Kingston and Jamaica, on the whole, are grateful for the food and financial services the GraceKennedy Group provides. 

About the Murals 

While preserving the look of the Georgian buildings in the Art District, the murals are a community engagement project. To learn more about Paint the City, simply click here. 

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