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Public Beach Access Will Not Suffer Due to Developers

28 Apr

Public Beach Access Will Not Suffer Due to Developers

Did you know homeowners that have property near beach access are trying to prevent the public from having access to the beach that is near their land? In this article, you will hear from Maria Browne, the Minister for Housing, Land, Works, and Urban Renewal, as she reiterates that public beach access will not suffer due to developers. 

Public Beaches and the Laws 

Minister Browne says that a section in the Physical Planning Act states, “no owner, developer or occupier of land leading to a beach has the authority to prevent persons from accessing and using the beaches on Antigua and Barbuda.” 

Until everything gets situated, the Minister asks public beachgoers to exercise patience when collaborating with property owners. The Minister states, “Development Control Authority and the Survey and Mapping Department have prepared a preliminary Beach Access Report which governs access and use of all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda.” 

Guest and Residents Visiting Our Beaches 

As summer gets closer, the restrictions have been a question for members of the public and for visitors. Unsure of what their beach experience will be like, there has been much concern. Antigua and Barbuda ensure that you will have access to our 365 beaches around the twin island. 

Antigua and Barbuda Beaches to Visit 

1| Darkwood Beach Antigua 

Darkwood beach seems to be the easiest, most convenient beach to access from anywhere. This beach is near Jolly Harbour towards the English Harbour, not long after Tamarind Hills. 

Other things you can enjoy here are Adventure Antigua, Turtle Beach Power Snorkeling, and Antigua Reef Riders. 

2| Hermitage Bay 

Hermitage Bay is a luxury-filled hotel in Antigua that gives you access to private beaches. This hotel is located on a lush hill that provides privacy and incredible views. 

They also have beach cottages if you prefer to stay over there. This hotel also offers some of the most amazing food in Antigua as well as several additional options for travelers. 

3| Turner’s Beach 

At Turner’s Beach, they have free umbrellas and chairs available to rent. There, you will have access to a full bar and restaurant to relax and cool off. Turner's beaches, however, are not the best option for children or weak swimmers. 

Antigua and Barbuda welcomes its visitors and all who love the beaches! 


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