Puerto Rico is on Paw Patrol

15 Jun
Written by Khyesha Brooks

Source: everwideningcircles.com

In September of 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Many people evacuating and fleeing their homes in fear of the storm could not take their pups with them. Now the island has a very obvious stray dog problem until The Sato Project stepped up to the plate.
Sato usually means a dog under 30lbs. Being in such a dense area most of the dog have terrier in them in some way. These small big eared dogs are very smart but even for a smart dog life on the beach
and even the streets can be hard. Most of these pups don’t make it to 2 years of age. It’s like Mother Nature is listening, therefore females seem to be having larger litters.

With a 100% adoption rate the Sato Project seems to be working! As soon as the dog makes it to the Vet office, they get a spectrum of tests including a search for parasites, blood diseases, heart worms, distemper, skin scrap (to test for mange), and they are de-wormed. If any test come back positive, they are treated. When everything looks good, they get vaccinated. After every dog gets vaccinated, they then get spayed or neutered. When they have healed and ready for travel, they get one last check-up from a vet and then issued a Certificate of Health. The dogs are then taken to the airport in San Juan and flown to JRK or Newark. From start to finish to treat each dog it cost $1,200 per pup, plus the average of $250 for the flight.
When the Island Pups reach the airports in JFK or Newark volunteers pick them up and drive them to their foster homes, forever homes, or one of the sanctuary partners of The Sato Project.

Source: everwideningcircles.com

The Sato Project shares a lifetime bond with each pup. If for some reason the adopted family can no longer keep the pup, they can always give them back and The Sato Project will accept them with open arms.

So far, they have flown out over 3,500 dogs to their forever homes, giving them a family that will love them and most of all a second chance!

Source: everwideningcircles.com