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Raul Castro Steps Down Ending the “Castro” Era

11 May

Raul Castro Steps Down Ending the “Castro” Era

Since the country’s 1959 revolution, Cuba’s Communist Party has been led by the Castro brothers for more than 60 years. Dressed in his olive-green uniform on Friday, April 16th, he announced the opening of the eighth congress of the ruling party. At age 89, the ruler felt he had “fulfilled his mission and confidence in the future of the fatherland.” The 60-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canal is expected to succeed him in the role. 

Fidel Castro led the revolution that removed Batista from power, and Castro took over as head of the party. In 2008 eight, he handed the reigns over to his brother Raul. 

Raul Castro was the first to reach an agreement with the US President of the time, President Barack Obama. That agreement ushered in the most significant US opening to Cuba since the 60s. Subsequently, those efforts we altered by the next president, President Donald Trump. 

The People of Cuba 

Understandably, the people are a bit nervous about the future of Cuba. Issues like a shrunken economy, the global pandemic, food insecurity, and inequality grip the people with a fear of the unknown. They are hoping to proceed with all of the continuity congress promises. 

As the country faces its biggest crisis since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mr. Diaz will have a challenging role to fill. With food lines, economic struggle, protests, and civil unrest, it will take enormous efforts to unify Cuba and calm the people. 



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