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Sabrina’s Love for Crochet Turns into Her Livelihood in Grenada

25 Aug

Sabrina’s Love for Crochet Turns into Her Livelihood in Grenada 

Sabrina Phillips, 27, who is a Grenada native, realized she had a talent for crocheting when people around her would comment on her fashion choices. Little did they know Sabrina was crocheting her clothes. This exciting discovery resulted in Sabrina’s love for crochet turning into her livelihood in Grenada. 

Please continue reading below to find out how Sabrina started her crochet business. 

Sabrina’s Crochet Designs 

Sabrina’s Crochet Designs are crocheted high fashion, wearable pants, tops, dresses, bags, hats, headbands, and more! 

Sabrina says her crochet business is one of a kind. She crafts items that are specially made with her customers in mind and to fit them perfectly. 

So, when and how did Sabrina’s crochet business start? 

Sabrina started her crochet journey in 2018 when she stopped working at her customer service representative job. While she was trying to decide what job to pursue next, she began crocheting -- just as a hobby. To her ultimate delight, she was getting attention for her skills and unique talent. And that is how she was able to make her hobby her full-time career. 

Encouraging Words from Sabrina 

“Everyone encouraged me to find a new job and crochet part-time. What I did was the opposite. At this point, I was fed up with working for people. I said to myself that I have a talent; let me utilize it. I started maximizing sales and expanding my profit margin. 

I did a lot of research on how to make crochet into a business because I had no idea how to run a full-time business on my own. I started to save the money that I made from the business and invested back into it.  

All my hard work was paying off. I was able to make a living from crocheting full-time. I wanted to take crocheting more seriously and make my work look more professional. I made a logo and started marketing my work more and more on my social media platforms. This is how I was able to reach a wide audience.”  

Love to Livelihood 

Sabrina is by far not the only creative to come from the Caribbean islands. There are many individuals coming from the area, from musicians to scientists and more. It truly is an inspiration and innovation-rich area, and the world is happy they share their blessings with the rest of us! Good luck to you, Sabrina! 


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