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Safe Solar Panel Installation for the Caribbean Islands

31 Dec

Safe Solar Panel Installation for the Caribbean Islands

GSI Joins Forces to Increase Green Technology and More 

With growing interest in the concept of solar energy generation, green initiatives for the Caribbean have ramped up considerably. And now, a team is willing to train residents and commercial clients in safe solar panel installation. That is good news for both the islands and the planet. 

You see, Green Solutions International is a Caribbean energy company providing photovoltaic training. Dr. Wayne E. Archibald is the executive director for GSI, and his goal is to bring solar energy awareness and training to the Caribbean regions. GSI is an "international hub for learning, networking, and innovation in and across the Caribbean, in all areas of green technology.” 

In a statement, Archibald explains, "GSI aims to serve as a repository and hub for knowledge, innovation, and networking on clean energy throughout the region, to help bridge the gap for a range of players in the renewables sector." 

The installation of solar panels will help build higher credibility and increase consumer confidence in both businesses and the Caribbean nations. Therefore, proper training and certifications are vital in pushing this move toward greener living possible. And that is just what GSI is planning to do. 

Program Coordinator of the Sustainable Energy Unit at the OECS Commission, Judith Ephraim, reports being quite pleased with the move toward sustainable energy and collaborating with GSI and Dr. Archibald. In her statement, Ephraim praises the program's efforts, as does Leighton Waterman, the Sustainable Energy Specialist at Caribbean Development Bank. 

Hands-on training and workforce development will strengthen the Caribbean's workforce and encourage representation and engagement for otherwise underrepresented workers. 

More jobs, safe solar energy, and a positive effect on development in the Caribbean islands all begin with initiative and training. And with the collaboration of such Caribbean and Earth-minded teams, the job is sure to be a success, one solar panel at a time. 


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