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Safely Visit Aruba

30 Mar

Safely Visit Aruba 

According to a recent travel update issued February 5, 2021, there have been a few new additions to the safety measures for those who wish to visit Aruba. Those vacationing or working in Aruba for a while can safely do so with adherence to the guidelines put in place by the Aruban government. That is excellent news for those of us ready to travel again! 

Join Vacationers to Visit Aruba in 2021 

Aruba's borders are open for travel, and folks ready to vacation couldn't be happier. With new safety measures being updated regularly, the travel process to Aruba and staying in Aruba is safe and simple, really. 

Arrival into Aruba 

Arrival into Aruba requires the following: 

  1. Fill out the online ED Card containing necessary traveler information, a health assessment, upload a negative COVID-19 test result. Purchase Aruba's Visitors Insurance and declare your consent to the government's mandates. 
  2. Adherence to flight procedures and arrival procedures during your Aruba stay includes the necessary wearing of masks and social distancing protocol. 
  3. Know which countries are open for travel to Aruba. 
  4. Learn the rules for safety, including the additional measures as they are passed into the mandate. 

During Your Stay 

Aruba's government encourages safe travels to Aruba by providing a protocol for restaurants, bars, and other establishments. Keeping within the curfew, social distancing, hand washing, and mask-wearing regulations is the best way to ensure all have a safe and healthy visit to Aruba. 

Come and Safely Visit Aruba 

Aruba welcomes its guests with open arms... just at a distance. Visitors are encouraged to take part in all the outdoor activities and fun in Aruba. The island offers glorious beaches, outdoor dining, casinos and nightlife, safe spas and salons, entertainment, and more. 

So, follow the safety procedures and bring your masks. All are welcome in Aruba. 


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