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Sandals Foundation Continues Its Earth Day Initiatives by Planting More Trees

08 Jun

Sandals Foundation Continues Its Earth Day Initiatives by Planting More Trees 

Stepping up the initiatives started in 2016 to plant trees on Earth Day, the philanthropic Sandals Foundation has made a new pledge. Partnering with other groups like the Trees That Feed Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance coordinated the project. The plan is to plant one million trees on 14 islands of the Caribbean. This goal aims at being complete by June of 2022. 

As stated by Heidi Clarke, Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation,  

“Never before has it been more important to reinvest in the sustainability of our natural environment. Our tourism product as a region and the livelihoods of all Caribbean people are intricately linked to the health of the environment. It is, therefore, our duty to play our part to strengthen this amazing ecosystem,”  

With that, the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance has discerned the need to ramp up the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

Why Plant Trees? 

Other than the shade they provide, planting trees serves many purposes. 

  • The cooperation improves tourism and local business interactions. 
  • It benefits the local economy by increasing activity in various areas. 
  • More trees will improve soil, aid in water conservation efforts, and the trees themselves store carbon and help regulate temperatures. 
  • The action continues to improve the livelihood of the Caribbean people in need. 

Ways to Contribute 

Those wanting to participate are encouraged to visit for the ability to donate. Additionally, the islands are gathering volunteers from both visitors and residents. Connecting the two is beneficial to the environment, social structure, and economy. Visitors can participate in the project, volunteering their time to improve and sustain the islands’ beauty and health. 

The Sandals Foundation 

As the Caribbeans family-owned resort company, the philanthropic foundation is a big part of caring for the islands. They are fortunate to fund three primary project areas: environmental education, community involvement, and environmental sustainability. Sandals is proud to claim that one hundred percent of the monies donated are invested in these programs benefiting the Caribbean islands and community. 


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