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Strawberry Production Encouraged

24 Feb

Strawberry Production Encouraged

Strawberries "Take the Cake" in South Trelawny

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green, is now promoting strawberries as one of 12 crops being encouraged under the Production Incentive Program (PIP).

Mr. Floyd Green is focused on the Farmers of Trelawny and their return on investments. He claims diversifying their crops can accomplish that goal. The idea is to take the already successful yam crops and intercrop with the strawberries. You see, the area used to produce strawberries, so there is a chance for great success in this proven crop.

As of now, approximately 41 farmers have decided to join the program, according to the PIP. And according to Green, the Top Mountain Research Station has been renovated to focus on the research needed for strawberry production.

In the U.S., strawberry crops are most dense in the coastal areas of California and Florida. So, it stands to reason the climate in the Caribbean would be ideal for strawberries. In the temperate climate of the islands, the strawberries could be a yearlong crop. This would provide all the berries for the many island resorts and the hotel industry, the berries' largest purchaser.

What's more, many delectable delights can be made from the berries, adding new and more abundant options for locals and tourists' culinary palettes. From fruity beverages made with strawberries to strawberries and cream, strawberry pie, strawberry gelato and ice cream, and strawberry shortcake, strawberries really "take the cake!"


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