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Tennis Legend Naomi Osaka Launches New Skincare Line

28 Sep

Photo: Courtesy of dazzlejam 

Tennis Legend Naomi Osaka Launches New Skincare Line

Four-time Grand Slam singles champion and the reigning US Open and Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka launched her new skincare line KINLÒ on September 7, 2021. Specially formulated for darker skin tones, KINLÒ has been in the works for the past 18 months. The skincare line focuses on offering protection and recovery for melanin-rich skin. 

According to Osaka, "I've found that many of the other products on the market are either not tinted enough for melanated skin, which means they often leave a white residue, or they are very drying, or in many cases, they are both. I wanted to create products that offered great quality moisturizing ingredients and a functional tint that can be worn every day whether it's under your makeup or on bare skin" (  

Kicking off with a streamlined, targeted approach, KINLÒ currently offers four products:  

  • SPF—For daily use. Water-resistant and sweatproof. Broad-spectrum. Tinted for darker skin.  
  • Hydrating Eye Cream—Protects against early signs of aging.  
  • Hydrating Golden Mist—Soothes and cools well-sunned skin. 
  • Hydrating Lip Balm—Smooths and nourishes lips. 

Osaka was born to a Japanese mother and Haitian father. She moved to the United States when she was three and grew up in a Haitian household. The brand's name KINLÒ pays homage to Osaka's heritage, as "kin" and "lo" both mean "gold" in Japanese and Haitian Creole, respectively ( 

In addition to providing quality skincare for melanated skin, Osaka aims to begin a conversation about skin protection and skin cancer in communities of color ( Osaka explains, "Through my personal experience and learnings, I have found that Black, Brown, and other melanated skin-toned communities are often an after-thought in the discussion and research surrounding sun care, including being excluded from clinical studies on skin cancer...Additionally, there is a lack of sun protection products being made with melanated skin in mind. These points have all led me to create KINLÒ, a mission-first brand" ( 

Partnering with web hosting company GoDaddy and holding company A-frame, Osaka's brand KINLÒ offers accessible, quality products at affordable prices ($15-$20). 



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