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The Academy of Chocolate Award Goes To Grenada

08 Oct

The Academy of Chocolate Award Goes To Grenada

Both the silver and bronze were awarded to the Grenada Chocolate Company for their excellent showings at the Academy of Chocolate awards 2021. And if you didn't know there was such an event, now you do. 

You see, the Academy of Chocolate has been around since 2005 introducing the world to the finest chocolates the world has to offer. And a few of the judging categories are: 

  1. Bean to Bar 
  2. Tree to Bar 
  3. Flavoured, 
  4. Milk And White Bars 
  5. Filled Chocolates 
  6. Spreads 
  7. And Packaging 

And with more than 1600 entries from 45 countries, Grenada took home 3 prestigious awards. 

In the Tree to Bar category, the 100% Dark Chocolate bar won silver, and the 71% Dark Chocolate won Bronze. And in Tree to Bar Seasoned, the 60% Nib-A-Licious Dark Chocolate bar took the silver. 

The Granada Chocolate Factory 

Fair pay and treatment for the workers and sustainability are their focus at the Grenada Chocolate Company. With sustainable farming methods, the island's first tree-to-bar chocolate factory is a cooperative with over 200 acres of organic cocoa farms. The company began in 1999 with its founder, Mott Green. Mr. Green passed in 2013, but the company lives on under the guidance of Edmond Brown. 

Not only have they won in this competition, but in several others as well, earning 10 accolades and planning for even more. What’s more, according to sources,"due to enforced COVID-19 restrictions, the Tree to Bar and Bean to Bar entries have been judged separately this year with the remaining categories scheduled for judging in October." 

You can be sure that Grenada's people will be looking for even more awards to come home in October. Until then, Congratulations on all your success, Grenada Chocolate Company, and keep on chocolating! 


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