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The Bahama's “Goombay Kids” Wins Awards

04 Mar

The Bahama's “Goombay Kids” Wins Awards

That is right; the Bahama's produces TV show for children walked away with awards and more. And this year, they took home the 2022 Best Television Award. This show is all about a group of adventurous kids who explore the Bahamas, learning about the country. This show highlights the islands' culture, is educational, and provides wholesome entertainment. 

The show's creator, Stephanie Nihon, was ecstatic to share the news. "This is truly beyond our wildest expectations," said Nihon. "We knew we had a hit, but it's just a new level of excitement when international bodies recognize the talent, effort and work we put into it, so much so that they present us with this award. We are absolutely honored, and this shows that The Bahamas can create a dynamic product that can be appreciated across the world." 

Not only did the fun-loving kids show win the Best Television Award, but four other international awards, including the Cannes World Film Festival Award for Best Web/TV Series and the Best Producer Award for Nihon. Leah Eneas won Best Actress in the Multi Dimension Film Festival (UK) and Best TV Pilot. 

Not only are they winning awards, but the actors are local, and so is the cast. Passing down folklore, stories, culture, and heritage is the pride of all those who work on the show. Furthermore, the show is helping to ensure the future of the Bahamian children in the arts. 

In her address, Nihon states her appreciation of the sponsors and partners to help make this dream come true for the Bahamian people. 

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