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The Dining Scene in St. John

27 Dec

The Dining Scene in St. John

Like many of the beloved Caribbean islands, St. John expresses itself through cuisine. But St. John is a little more special because of the extensive family connections within the businesses. Not to mention, they've been through the devastation that comes with storms. Yet the people still manage to entertain one of the most delightful dining experiences you may ever experience. 

Sound interesting? Continue to read along to find out more about the dining scene in St. John. 

A Bit About the Dining Scene in St. John 

Indeed, restaurants on the island work hard to make your dining experience like one you've never had before. Now, you can expect slower service than at home-- but it's so worth it. In fact, it is the way it is designed.  

When it comes to preparing their award-winning recipes, the restaurant's ingredients are sourced from local farmers and fishermen and then prepared right there. 

One tip is to get there early, as being on an island usually means limited supplies. Many restaurants must close early, so please call the restaurants before you go; things change daily. 

Three of the Top Restaurants on the Dining Scene in St. John 

1. Fresh is Best at La Tapa 

La Tapa is a contemporary restaurant in Cruz Bay that offers eclectic dishes and authentic Spanish flair while you dine street-side. They serve West Indian fare, perfectly seasoned meat, and all kinds of fresh seafood. Making the A-List is due to the popular rotating menu of fresh veggies and fish they get from the locals. 

2. Dining Alfresco at Sun Dog Café  

The Sun Dog Café is a very popular spot for outdoor dining. Even though it has but a tiny kitchen, the cafe allows you to get dinner upon arrival on St. John. Their menu offers fresh salads, crafted sandwiches, delicious pizza, and more. Additionally, they are open for you to experience brunch before you catch your flight home. 

3. The High Tide Bar & Seafood Grill  

High Tide, located on Cruz Bay Beach, is a family-friendly place. You can start with one of their fantastic fish appetizers and move on to a portion of more hearty food, like a stuffed Cuban. Then, after dinner, enjoy a freshly made slice of Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake. 

Pack Your Bags to Experience the Dining Scene in St. John Firsthand 

Calling all foodies! Now that you know a little of what to expect, you must be ready to book your next trip to St. John. Get ready to experience the small family-friendly vibes that come with the excellent-tasting food of the Caribbean. 


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