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The First Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe: A Success

02 Aug

The First Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe: A Success

Congratulations to all the athletes and the sponsors of this first annual Caribbean Games 2022. With over 800 athletes from 22 Caribbean Countries, dancers, musicians, and more– it was a success and then some! 

After the long pause created by H1N1 and COVID, the games were held in Guadeloupe with all the pomp and circumstance they deserved. Brian Lewis, President of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC), stated with pride, "Against all odds, we have created history."  

Here are some quick facts about the newly inaugurated athletic sporting event. 

  • The Caribbean Games' official symbol is the Conch shell, and the mascot is Noca the Racoon. 
  • Games will take place around June 29 to July 3 each year, coinciding with the abolition of slavery in Guadeloupe years ago. 
  • The games are to be aired on Panam Sports Channel. 
  • Athletes will be competing annually in events including Basketball, Road Cycling, Netball, Judo, Swimming, and Futsal. 
  • Countries competing include 30 Caribbean nations and territories such as Belize, French Guiana, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname, and Guadeloupe. 

For more information on the sponsors and partners of the Guadeloupe 2022 Caribbean Games, please visit the official site here. Guadeloupe, the partners, and the Caribbean Association of National Olympics Committees are pleased to be offering this fantastic opportunity to showcase athletics and celebrate unity in this new annual event. 


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