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The First Gaming Company of the Caribbean

24 Oct

The First Gaming Company of the Caribbean

Barbados now has the first gaming company in the Caribbean Islands, and employees couldn't be happier. The company is called Playtropic, a video game testing service provider for the world's game creators. These technicians test games before release to locate bugs and defects, remedy them, and ensure they are ready for public use. 

About Playtropic 

Aiming to make dreams come true for many in the Caribbean, the company Playtropics provides the opportunity to those interested in game development and a career in the field. The experts at the Barbados-based company offer gamers a quality experience with exceptional value, game compatibility, and compliance for creators and various systems worldwide. 

"Playtropic aims to be the world's best video game testing service provider, the best employer in Barbados and to open the door of a $200Bn industry to those Barbadians who are interested in interactive entertainment but who have never had access to a stimulating and rewarding career in games." – 

Impact of Gaming Careers in the Caribbean 

More jobs for locals in Barbados is clearly a good thing. Take it a step further and consider the impact on the people applying for the positions. These islanders will be fortunate to work in a career they are passionate about. Then that employee will be better equipped to pass on knowledge, encouragement, and passion to their families, impacting future generations and communities. That increase in self-pride and development is the very thing that can change the course of depression and improve quality of life. 

Another benefit to this development is the impact on the gaming community and people of color. According to sources at The Guardian, "Despite corrective initiatives, there are too few gaming industry opportunities for women and people of color. This needs to change if it is to have a healthy future." 

Until now, African Americans have not been equally represented in video games. That could change with more young people of color entering the gaming world. 

What's more, until Playtropic, individuals seeking a career in video game creation, programming, code, and graphic art were moving to the UK or the US to find a job. With the new company, those who qualify can find gainful employment in the field they love and stay on the islands. This is an excellent move for the families and economics of Barbados and the Caribbean.  

A Career with Playtropics 

Even if an individual has no experience in game testing, they are encouraged to apply. You see, the company's experts will train anyone bright and articulate for a rewarding career in video gaming. To make it easy to apply, applicants need only a few qualities. One should be passionate about games, hold a High School or equivalent diploma, write and speak English, be detail-oriented, be willing to work in teams, live in Barbados, or have the appropriate work visa.  

And that is really the final benefit making the impact of the gaming company even more significant on the community at large. They seem to be trying hard to make it easy—and that's a good thing for the residents of the islands and Barbados. 



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