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Top 5 Experiences for Your First Trip to Grenada

04 Jul

Top 5 Experiences for Your First Trip to Grenada

If you've never made a trip to the beautiful tri-island of Grenada, you should know it has a lot to offer. If you enjoy food, nature, history, and having fun, you will love your first trip to Grenada and be eager to return. Come enjoy the island life and these top 5 experiences for your first trip to Grenada. 

Top 5 Experiences in Grenada 

Indeed, there are more than 5 amazing adventures to be experienced in the tri-islands. That is why knowing the top 5 places to see is essential in planning your trip, especially your first trip to Grenada.  

Research proves the following places to be the most popular places to see and experience. From there, you will have a great start in planning out the remainder of your vacation time. So let’s travel there in our minds– here we go! 

1| The Town of St. George 

A must-see, the town of Saint George has been described as walking through what feels like walking through an oil painting. Most famously displayed are rows of brightly colored painted houses. St. George is the city's capital and is proud to have earned the unofficial title of the most beautiful harbor in the Caribbean. 

2| Grand Anse Beach 

Known as the "granddaddy" of the 45 beaches here, Grand Anse is a two-mile stretch of pristine white sand. The beach is one of the favorites, complete with nice hotels and restaurants. The only downfall is the local vendors. While we love to support our local artists and entrepreneurs, they can be aggressive with their sales pitches. Simply say no, "thank you." if you're not interested in their product, they will move on. 

3| Grand Etang National Park 

What is there to do when you get tired of lounging on the beach (because that does happen)? Stretch your legs at the national park and take in natural beauty and wonder. On your hike, you'll find exotic wildlife like mona monkeys, armadillos, and tropical mockingbirds. One tourist reported, "We've seen a lot of beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and South Pacific but hiking down a rainforest filled with the aroma of fresh spices was absolutely incredible." 

4| River Antonie Rum Distillery 

When you are ready to experience more of what the island has to offer, make your way to River Antoine Rum Distillery. They have been churning rum bottles since 1785. "They make a rum so strong that it cannot be taken home on an airplane," a visitor commented. 

5| Diving in Grenada 

With over 30 diving sites, visitors can view coral reefs, colorful sea life, and a famous shipwreck site. The Bianca C was a cruise liner that sank in 1961 and has earned the name "Titanic of the Caribbean." Avid divers highly recommended visiting the Underwater Sculpture Park, where the experienced diver can visit the "The Ring of Children." 

Plan Your First Trip to the Beautiful Tri-Islands 

When you plan your first trip to Grenada, we hope you visit some of the sights recommended while also discovering what else the tri-island has to offer. Then be sure to let others know what you loved about the area so they can plan their trips too! 



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