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Visiting Costa Rica

19 Oct

Visiting Costa Rica

It is no doubt, those vacationing in Costa Rica will experience one of the Caribbean's top travel choices. Because folks have greatly missed travel to anywhere in the past year, the countries of the Caribbean are lifting requirements as more and more people receive vaccinations. Costa Rica is the vacation destination you desire if you want tropical beaches, exciting adventures, natural wonders, and vibrant culture. 

You see, Costa Rica has lowered travel requirements once again in order to increase visitation. And that is good news for the people and businesses of Costa Rica as well as travelers worldwide. As of August 1st, those wishing to visit beautiful Costa Rica can do so without purchasing travel insurance. Additionally, this applies to those under the age of 18. 

The requirements remaining are that visitors be vaccinated and fill out a "Health Pass" within 72 hours of arrival. Costa Rica's Tourism Minister, Gustavo Segura, said it this way, 

"As vaccination advances in priority markets for Costa Rican tourism and to benefit the reactivation of international travel, it is important to make the requirements more flexible for individuals who do not represent a high risk (in terms of economic cost) of serious disease nor hospitalization for the State," 

Fully vaccinated travelers will be required to attach their vaccination certificate to the Health Pass. U.S. travelers will be permitted to use the "COVID-19 vaccination record card". Additionally, vaccination certificates and vaccination cards that contain at least the following information are accepted: 

  • Name of the person who received the vaccine 
  • Date of each dose 
  • Pharmaceutical house 

Come and see what you have been missing in the essentials of Costa Rica. 


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