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Warning: Volcanoes Awakening

09 Mar

Warning: Volcanoes Awakening

Seismic Researchers Warn of Two Volcanoes Awakening After Decades.

Two volcanoes in the Caribbean appear to be active after decades of quiet. The dome at the top of La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent and the area under Mount Pelee in Martinique are both awakening. Scientists are watching with keen eyes for the activity and changes in the volcanoes.

La Soufriere Volcano

On December 29, 2020, lava oozed out of the La Soufriere volcano with no real explosion. It is releasing steam and gasses and a distinct sulfur smell in the air. In fact, the magma coming from the volcano has formed a new dome on the top, and the crater that was once there is gone. The last eruption was in 1979.

No current evacuations are in order, although the alert has been raised to orange status.

Pelee Volcano

The first warning signs were on November 8 and ninth when there was seismic activity in the area. Soon after, the rumbling was heard from the volcano in Martinique on December 3, 2020. The last eruption was in 1932, when almost 30,000 people died from the eruption.

Volcanic Activity

As you may know, a volcano is an opening in the earth's crust where eruptions are fueled by pressure and gas, producing lava and volcanic ash. Historically the worst volcanic eruptions have been that of Mount Tambora, Krakatoa, Mount Pelee, Mount Ruiz, and the most popular was that of Pompeii.

Scientists have looked into the two volcanoes coming out of hibernation at nearly the same time. However, it has been concluded that the timing is merely a coincidence.

If you live in the areas, the most important thing to do is to heed the warning systems' notices. Be safe.

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