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Welcoming Blue Economy

16 Mar

The New Centre of Excellence in Oceanography and the Blue Economy to Begin Development

The University of West Indies Five Islands in Antigua and Barbuda will welcome The Centre of Excellence in Oceanography and the Blue Economy soon. The Commonwealth Secretary-General has decided to support the plans and fully cooperate with the Action Group on Sustainable Blue Economy and the University to move forward.

Now, you may be asking what "blue economy" is. According to…

"The 'blue economy' is an emerging concept that encourages sustainable exploitation, innovation, and stewardship of our ocean and its life-giving 'blue' resources."

The center's goal will be to encourage awareness, innovation, and action in marine science and the blue economy in the Caribbean. Better stewardship of the ocean's blue resources, like the "green economy" efforts, will bring an increase in "human well-being, social equity, and environmental sustainability into harmony." (As stated by The Commonwealth Blue Charter.)

You see, the old ways of shipping, fishing, and oil, gas, and mineral harvesting do not take notice of the ecosystem in which they are a part. When forces combine to a more holistic approach, the worlds can co-exist and sustain one another.

The new Centre of Excellence in Oceanography will aid in the blue economy's research and education along with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda's full support.

Having vast ocean resources available to the Caribbean islands presents Blue Economy opportunities in unemployment, food insecurity, and poverty. Together, these resources can be a source of community stability with increased job opportunities and food supply, all provided by the ocean and the people themselves.

Using the islands' marine resources will provide long-term benefits through the education and innovation provided by the new center.

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