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What Antigua and the Far East Have in Common

17 Sep

What Antigua and the Far East Have in Common

The Caribbean is making a splash in more than just the islands area, and even more than only in the Olympics. You see, there are folks worldwide making a difference and making a name for The Caribbean Islands and, specifically, Antigua. 

Antigua and the Far East have two things in common, more specifically, two people. These individuals are Naomy Pena and Jon-Mikel Best of Antigua. Linking China and Antigua are these two outstanding members of Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Shanghai. 

Naomy Pena is the Vice President of the Rotary Club of Shanghai, the second oldest club in Asia. In fact, she is the youngest and the first non-Caucasian and non-Asia to assume the leadership role and the first from the Caribbean. What’s more, she will be running for President in the next two years. 

In an interview, Pena stated, “We stepped in and we looked different, we sounded different and we approached things differently, so that came with a few questions and curiosities.” -Antigua Observer. 

Understandably so, however, most difficulties were put to rest quickly. And now, Naomy is currently the Head of Geography and the Service Learning Coordinator at a private bi-lingual school. 

As the current President of the Rotaract Club of Shanghai, Jon-Mikel Best is shattering the status quo with his influential role. Moving from a member to Secretary, then serving alongside the President, Best has stepped up to President in a unanimous vote. 

Meanwhile, Jon-Mikel will graduate with his Bachelor’s in Economics and Trade at Tongji University. 

Antigua and the entire Caribbean couldn’t be prouder of these two and countless others spreading the word about the talent in the Caribbean islands. 



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