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What Help is Being Sent to Haiti?

05 Oct

What Help is Being Sent to Haiti? 

Charities and Countries Rush to Lend a Hand to the People of Haiti 

As most everyone knows by now, Haiti was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, August 14, 2021. The death toll rose to at least 2,200, with 12,200 injured and hundreds that remain missing. And if that wasn’t enough, Tropical Storm Grace rolled through, soaking survivors, flooding streets, and causing landslides. So, the question is, what help is being sent to Haiti? 

The good news is several charities have arranged donation sites and volunteer programs to provide aid. Independent US churches, along with governments and large organizations, have pulled together resources to provide food, shelter, and medical assistance for the victims. What’s more, there are ways for anyone to get in on the help being sent to Haiti. 

Listed below is a sampling of the establishments prepared to offer help and send supplies to Haiti. 

  1. World Vision provided 6,000 hygiene kits and lifesaving food supplies. And they are ready to do even more. 
  2. Caribbean Love has donated $5million to Food For the Poor. 
  3. Catholic Relief Services has a page set up for donations encouraging prayer for the families as well. 
  4. USAID DART sent humanitarian partners to save lives and expand the relief operations. 
  5. Project Medishare has organized a GoFundMe page for help. 
  6. Hope for Haiti is also accepting contributions to support the relief efforts and reduce poverty in Haiti. 
  7. José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen is serving meals to first responders and victims. That team is also accepting financial contributions. 
  8. And UNICEF has mobilized medical supplies to the hospitals and emergency shelters. 

While even more folks are willing to lend a hand, the political climate remains a challenge for the charities delivering assistance. Therefore, when choosing where to send help, it is best to go through one of the well-established groups to ensure your contribution arrives and is received by the struggling people of Haiti. 



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