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What You Should Know Before Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

04 May

What You Should Know Before Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

As more and more residents of the Caribbean step up to receive their COVID-19 Vaccination, there is a little more educating to do about the vaccine itself. In fact, this whole past year has been a learning experience for most, in one way or another. So, it is essential to know all you can before getting the vaccine so you and your family are prepared. 

Before Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine 

First, please know that all healthcare workers are doing their best to see this vaccination gets out swiftly and safely. Try not to get frustrated with long lines and waits. Hopefully, they are minimal. As the number of patients opens up to include everyone, there may even be registration back-ups and glitches now and then. Again, patients are urged to be understanding. 

That said, here are a few additional tips for attending your appointment. 

  1. Vaccinations are only available while supplies last at each location. As new shipments arrive, the public will receive a notification. 
  2. Please keep your mask secured, covering your mouth and nose when entering the building and while receiving your vaccine. 
  3. Continue to maintain safety protocol and distancing at your appointment. 

We appreciate your adherence to the protocol set in place for the Caribbean and the staff's safety. 

Receiving the COVID Vaccine 

After receiving the vaccinations, there may be a few common side effects. These are the body's normal reactions to building those layers of protection. Most side effects will subside in a few days. You just may need to take it easy for a few days after each shot.  

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