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Working in the Caribbean Endless Summer

12 Jul

Working in the Caribbean Endless Summer 

Doesn't working in the Caribbean endless summer sound like a dream? You may be debating on whether to leave the big city or not. But we promise that once you make it to the Caribbean, you will ask yourself why you didn't leave the city sooner. 

Do You Have What It Takes to Live Abroad? 

Experiencing life outside of your country can be shocking. Still, you can advance your career to new heights when motivated to earn what you can and then return to the gorgeous scenery. 

Here is a quick list of things that you should ask yourself before you decide to pursue working in the Caribbean Endless Summer: 

  • Do you have the discipline it takes to work remotely? 
  • Are you open to making new friends and socializing with the locals? 
  • Will you have enough financial stability to work remotely for a year or more? 
  • What kind of comforts do you experience in your home country that you might be unable to adjust to? 

Which Island has that Caribbean Endless Summer Feel? 

Make sure you thoroughly research what Caribbean Island you prefer to start your endless summer in. Once you have decided you have what it takes to live abroad, away from family, and create a new career, it's time to figure out where you want to work and play. 

Things to Consider: 

  • Airport Access 
  • Internet Access 
  • Healthcare System 
  • Culture Lifestyle 
  • Cost of Living 

Look Into International Banking 

Aside from trying to decide if you want to make the big move to a new country, you must also put together a detailed budget and think about how you want to move your money between countries. In different countries, you can deal with foreign currencies and banking fees that will add up. 

We recommend putting together a few documents to help set up a bank account and getting a letter of reference from the bank that you have in your current country. 

We Encourage Working in the Caribbean Endless Summer 

Of course, we do! Get out and feel the ocean breeze while continuing to earn a living. It’s the best of all worlds! Enjoy. 


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