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Working to Achieve a Smoke-Free Caribbean

07 Jul


Working to Achieve a Smoke-Free Caribbean

In light of the recent "World No Tobacco Day" Monday, May 30th, 2022, government agencies are taking a stand to make the islands much more smoke-free. In fact, by 2025 to 2030, many Caribbean nations hope to be 100% smoke-free. Not only is this endeavor important for the health of the island people, but for the environment as well. 

According to Dr. Joy St. John of CARPHA, "…tobacco use alone accounts for one in six of all deaths resulting from NCDs." She talks about how people's financial welfare will improve when they do not need to buy cigarettes. 

A Smoke-free Environmental Impact 

Many people are unaware of the environmental impact of cigarette smoking. You see, not only does it ravage the air and your lungs but take a closer look. 

  • Deforestation is happening on a global level. 
  • And without trees, we will not have clean air to breathe. 
  • Eighty million tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere annually by tobacco crops. 
  • 6oo million trees per year are cut down to make cigarettes. Used cigarette filters add to our post-consumer waste. 

Those are only some ways tobacco and cigarette smoking are killing our already fragile ecosystem. 

Adolescents and Smoking 

Only contributing to the financial and health crises of the Caribbean people are the children and teens that become addicted to this deadly habit. In surveys conducted, the average age or prevalence of underaged tobacco users was between 13 and 15 in both boys and girls, as the ongoing surveys were conducted from 2000 to current. 

In these studies, the nations seem to be on a slow decline. But the governments wish to see quicker results. 

What Is Being Done? 

Collaborative efforts by the varying nations were put forth in this year's webinar entitled, "A Smoke-Free Caribbean: A Win/Win for Health and the Environment." This webinar was indeed in celebration of World No Tobacco Day 2022. 

The goal of the webinar? Among many lofty goals, the organizations outlined smoke-free policies and benefits, encouraged countries to get involved, and more throughout the coming years. 


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