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Youth Health and Safety in the Caribbean

12 Mar

Making 2021 a Better Year for the Caribbean Children.

A new year for all… but a new year for the children sounds outstanding. If you have ever researched the issues the children of the Caribbean face day to day, you would desire any help the world can offer.

According to a report by the UN News, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore stated:

"The children born today enter a world far different than even a year ago, and a New Year brings a new opportunity to reimagine it."

With this hope, several organizations are focusing on the betterment of the Caribbean youth.

  1. UNICEF has worked tirelessly to improve upon the occurrence of disease, conflict, and exclusion in the Caribbean youth.
  2. UNESCO aids in employment opportunities for students from 9th grade to 25 years.
  3. CYEP makes training for life skills and technical training possible by empowering the youth and providing career guidance.
  4. Kayifi Outreach provides virtual seminars for students ages 12 to 29 to share stories of encouragement and empowerment.

Other organizations such as Scouting and Guiding are in many of the Caribbean countries to grow the youth of today into tomorrow's adults. With so many organizations participating in the betterment of the children, something has to work, right?

If this is a subject near and dear to your heart, consider supporting one of the many other organizations supporting the children's health and safety in the Caribbean.

Let's make this New Year better for everyone!


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